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Symbiosis of Environmental and Economical Factors

Cranes and Radio Remote Controls - Application Overview:


NEQ TRUSS CRANE and WOODBODY CRANES add a new Dimension in Crane Design

The NEQ TRUSS CRANE offers a 40% reduction in steel weight compared with standard double girder box designs. Additionally, the hoist/trolley module is integrated in the bridge height. Thus, the overall height and weight of the crane are optimized. Consequently, the NEQ TRUSS CRANE design shows bottom line savings in terms of raw material and energy demands. The reduced bridge weight results in smaller long travel beams and building columns. The optimized crane height, in turn, offers lower building height requirements.

See NEQ TRUSS CRANE pdf for further information (pdf)


Crane Customer Benefits:

The NEQ / Street crane standard configuration encompasses electric control units, i.e. without electronics, and drive motors comprise 2-speed standard motors. The control itself is an open, non-proprietary configuration. Schematics are handed over to our customers. Thereby, our customers are in a position to use their own electricians, other educated electricians, or NEQ if problems arise. The electric panels are equipped with brand components that can be procured worldwide. It is our goal to provide sustainable solutions and shortest possible downtimes!

The overload protection module is based upon the same principle. A mechanical, torque-depending unit that actuates a limit switch as soon as the required overload limit is reached.

left: electro-mechanical overload protection with limit switch (blue). right: Lenze brake fitted to gearbox (all metric)


Special Cranes - Anti-Sway Cranes

In addition to standard crane configurations we offer 3-rope and 4-rope anti-sway cranes in partnership with Gloning. Such cranes are used in high-speed applications such as steel handling, biomass cranes, and many more.


Used Cranes

Our used crane business is supply and demand driven and fluctuates accordingly. Therefore, we do not advertize data of used cranes available. Please contact us to get information on currently available cranes.

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